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Super Flint Glass

Super flint glass is a stunning packaging material which exemplifies purity and clarity, produced by using only the very purest of raw materials.


Super flint glass is defined as a glass of high optical purity and low iron content. Made with only the highest quality raw materials, super flint glass is produced using virgin batch materials. This means that more energy is required to melt the materials to the desired quality level.


So, what are the benefits of super flint glass? Standard flint glass is considered colorless and transparent, however it has an inherent green tinge. This greenish tinge is due to the presence of iron oxide found naturally in the raw materials used to produce glass. The thicker the glass, the more noticeable the tinge is. With the very low iron oxide content used to produce extra white glass there is no green tinge, eliminating any color distortion and giving the glass the highest degree of visible light transmission.


In short, super flint glass produces bottles of the most exacting visual quality – extreme purity, incomparable shine and perfect transparency. If’s you’re looking a bottle for premium or ultra premium market, super flint glass is definitely the best option.

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