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Packing options

First of all, you can always customize your own packing style. All you need to do is tell our sales team your specific requirements and we will confirm whether it’s feasible or not. In most cases, here are three packing methods that are frequently applied.


1. cartons only

For a safe transit, this is recommended only when a full container loading (FCL) is used. The advantage of this packing method is you can take full advantage of space and load as many bottles as possible to minimize the costs.


2. pallets + dividers + shrink wrap

Although certain space is wasted, this kind of packing nicely secures the bottles in the shipment. And importantly, it’s very convenient to unload the cargos with a forklift and pull the bottles out of pallets in an efficient way.



3. pallets + cartons + shrink wrap

Compared to packing #2, the utilization of cartons adds extra protection to the bottles. This packing option has proven to be the best way to prevent the fragile bottles from breakage/damage. In more cases, the breakage rate is nearly zero.

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