Can’t quite find the bottle you’re looking for? Want your product packaging to have an original look to set you apart from the competition? Unfortunately, personalization in west countries is not easy. The first barrier you will encounter is a huge investment in private molds – the reputed glass factories in west countries charge at least $20,000, that’s quite a fortune. Secondly, they require 100,000 to 300,000 bottles as minimum production runs. The two reasons make it nearly impossible for a small business or startup to afford.

However, in Danfa Glass, we make customization a lot easier.

  • Minimum run is 10,000 units (for 700ml or 750ml bottles. Smaller bottles need a higher MOQ).
  • It costs only $1,500 to $2,000 for a full set of private molds.
  • Two sample bottles can be well prepared for your confirmation in 25 to 30 days.
  • Once the sample is approved, we can get the full order of bottles ready for shipment in 30 to 35 days

With such advantages, how should we get started on a custom project?


We will work with you from the ground up. If you already have an idea for the custom bottle we will consult with you, iron out any apparent issues and take it directly to production. If you don’t have an idea, we will discuss your needs, purpose and objective thoroughly and provide a concept that will satisfy your situation.


The next step is to give specific dimensions to the bottle - height, capacity, diameter of the bore, thickness of bottom, etc. If you don't have a clear idea on the numbers, we would like to offer recommendations out of experience. We will then work on the technical drawing and send to you for confirmation.


Once the drawing is approved, we will workup a mechanical detailing all the features. Following this mechanical we then digitize the new product and render it out for a very close approximation of what the final piece will look like. This is where it really starts to come to life.


In this step, you're about to turn the design into reality. A test mold would be created in about 15 to 20 days that enables to produce three to four sample bottles. The making of samples takes approximately 5 days. Two sample bottles would be shipped to you so you can check them first hand. If you like the final sample, this would be regarded as a standard for mass production; If you would like a few minor changes instead, this is widely acceptable and we would get it fixed before proceeding to a full production tool.


Finally, it comes to the mass production. The entire process would be carefully and professionally monitored from raw material to quality check in order to provide you with the quality bottles as you have approved of.

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