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About us

In operation since 2013, we are immensely proud that Danfa Glass is trusted to create ground-breaking glass packaging for many world-leading brands of food and drink.


Danfa Glass manufactures over 7.5 million glasses per year in our facility which specializes in super flint glass bottles and glassware accessories. This experience has made Danfa Glass the chosen glass supplier for some of the largest vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin & rum brands in North America and Europe. 


In addition to glass manufacturing, Danfa Glass is also devoted to label/logo decorations. Danfa Glass applies all sorts of decorating techniques to make client's design a reality, including screen printing, acid etching, color coating, ceramic transfer, gold/silver stamping, etc. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more discerning in their buying habits, so we always look for new ways to respond to their needs. Our experienced engineers and designers continue to push the boundaries of innovation, developing new decorative effects. Some examples include the development of frosting with a clear window, partial sleeve application for labeling smaller areas of the container and metal ornament to give the bottle a luxury look.

With the fastest turnaround time and maintaining the high level of quality, our clients can rely on their unmatched service and capabilities. Danfa Glass is happy to assist you with your projects and glad to offer our skills and expertise to highlight and differentiate your products.

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